Welcome to the campaign website of Colorado Senate Candidate Jerry Burton!

Jerry is running for Colorado Senator, District 33 (the District runs from the heart of Denver through Green Valley Ranch to the grounds of Denver International Airport) as the Unity Party of Colorado nominee.

Donate today to the Unity Party of America to support all Uniter candidates!

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    Ballots are already going out! Here are just a few of the 2020 Unity Party of America Candidates:

    1. Bill Hammons for President of the United States > https://billisrunning.com/
    2. Eric Bodenstab for Vice President of the United States > https://ericforallofus.com/
    3. Stephan “Chairman Seku” Evans for US Senate (Colorado) > https://electseku.com/
    4. Paul Fiorino for Colorado’s 1st Congressional District > https://fiorinoforcolorado.com/
    5. Gary Swing for Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District > https://theswingvote.wixsite.com/unity
    6. Critter Milton for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District > https://crittermilton.com/
    7. Rebecca Keltie for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District > https://keltieconnection.com/
    8. Jerry Burton for Colorado Senate District 33 > https://homeforallofus.com/

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